The InsightPath Framework

Increase collaboration and productivity to drive enhanced business performance.

The Framework provides business professionals a consistent process for framing opportunities and using relevant data in order to tell a powerful insight-driven stories that compel immediate action.

  • FRAMING THE OPPORTUNITY teaches the skills needed to define a business opportunity using structured thinking. To frame an opportunity effectively you must distinguish between gut-based and data-driven decision-making. Good framing helps set up the entire process of generating and using insights. Framing will help ensure that you structure and communicate clear and pragmatic insight-driven stories that compel action.

  • WORKING WITH DATA teaches you how to identify, scope and validate the data needed to address your framed business opportunity. It is essential to know which data to use, determine how the data is stored, and identify the overall quality of data. Working with the right data will eliminate source redundancy and increase productivity so you can make decision faster.

  • GUIDING THE ANALYSIS teaches you how to leverage analysis tools, evaluate results and envision the output for your framed business opportunity. Choosing the right analysis approach depends on understanding why one approach is selected over another. Guiding the Analysis helps you determine the right visual outputs to support your insight-driven story.

  • STORYTELLING teaches you how to think through and structure the messaging you need to move your framed opportunity forward. Using the power of a story to communicate data and insights can empower business professionals in a significant way. The right story will persuade and enable stakeholders to make informed, smart and confident decisions.

An Iterative Approach for Consistent Results

This approach is designed to be iterative, allowing you to re-frame your opportunities and use fresh data so you can consistently act with intention in your evolving work environment.

“InsightPath paints a vivid picture of what data-driven decision making should look like, and has given me and my team the shared language and framework necessary to drive specific business outcomes.”

- Lyly Tran, Marketing Manager at Capella University

Companies that can turn data to insight and insight to action outpace their competitors. You’ve invested in the right tools, now it is time to invest in your people by providing them with a clear path to actionable insight.