InsightPath Learning Solutions

Our online course is designed to have a rapid and immediate impact on your business. 

The Course

Online self-paced course and
in-person guided workshop

Applied learning with emphasis on
real time business opportunities

20-30 hours of work effort

Best for teams of 5 or more

Our course brings together your teams to frame opportunities and create insight-driven recommendations using the InsightPath Framework. This program is designed to have a high-impact on your immediate goals by integrating your real-time business scenarios into the learning experience.

InsightPath Components
  • Online Modules

    The learning experience, delivered at your own pace

  • Coaching Guide

    A comprehensive guide for your internal InsightPath facilitator

  • HeroQuest Scenarios

    An interactive story about a business team applying the InsightPath Framework to help you further understand the concepts

  • Opportunity Canvas

    Your resource for developing a personal action plan for your business opportunities

  • Additional Resources

    Enhanced tools that allow you to work on your own business opportunities

  • Competency Benchmarks

    Knowledge checks to gauge your understanding of the content and areas to focus on

  • Learning Guides

    Learning guides to help facilitate your online learning experience

  • Pre- & Post- Assessment

    The tools to measure where you started and what you have learned